Prostitution and Trafficking

Prostitution and TraffickingProstitution is a hazardous occupation, harmful to the prostitute and her client as well as their families and society. Its negative social effects also include the cost of disease and injuries to which prostitution gives rise. In rape, the security of a woman’s person is assaulted and stolen: in prostitution, it is assaulted, stolen and sold. Women in prostitution not only began poor, they are systematically kept poor by pimps who take the lion’s share of what they earn. Survivors of prostitution often report that each act of prostitution felt like a rape. In order to endure the multiple invasions of their bodies, women use drugs and alcohol to numb the assaults to their dignity and bodily integrity. Soon there remains no integrity and certainly no dignity. Eventually, the women’s physical and emotional health is destroyed

There are numerous reasons why people become involved in prostitution. Many have been affected by a weakening economy, experienced change or loss of households, are coerced by parents/”pimps” or simply because they have low self esteem. It has been estimated that between 28,000 and 30,000 of South Africa’s prostitutes are under the age of 18. Also, about half the child prostitutes are between 10 and 14 years of age and the other half between 15 and 18.3. Their lives are ruled by “pimps” and gangs who often take their money in exchange for protection, food or drugs.

Prostitutes are notorious for not practicing safe sex. In addition, they are often victims of rape and assaults and are at a constant risk of acquiring and spreading HIV/AIDS and other infectious sexually transmitted diseases. Legalisation of prostitution will not end abuse; it will make abuse legal. Legalisation only allows criminals and members of organized crime rings to become legitimate businessmen and work hand-in-hand with the state in marketing women’s bodies. Prostitution is ultimately sexual slavery. Like all forms of slavery, the goal should be to eliminate it, not to make it legal so that it is  more controlled.

Doctors for Life (DFL) oppose the legalisation of prostitution, but we support the care and restoration of prostitutes to a life that allows them to be safe and restores their dignity. DFL is committed to helping those who are entrapped by prostitution. DFL has counselling and rehabilitation available for those bound by this lifestyle and profession. There is freedom from prostitution and a new life awaits you.

Canada – Prostitution law consultations

letter_hammerThe Calgary Police Chief wants to outlaw prostitution altogether. “You can create a series of laws where you come down hard on the user and look at the provider as a victim.” Officers need the law as a tool to give them access to victimised men and women who were coerced into sex work. In that way you have courses of action to move that person towards treatment or counselling or getting them out of that lifestyle.


LifePlace Team

“The sex industry lifestyle was getting worse and worse for me and I felt like I had no where to turn”-Shelley Lubben

“The sex industry lifestyle was getting worse and worse for me and I felt like I had no where to turn”-Shelley Lubben

Firstly we would like to thank everybody who has supported the LifePlace project in any way. As many of you may know, LifePlace in Durban has closed due to a conglomeration of various factors. In spite of this, the outreach team is still steaming ahead with weekly outreaches to reach out to women on the street, and on average, we speak to about 30 ladies per outreach. They have many different problems, ranging from homelessness and drug addiction, to being HIV positive, pregnant as well as being physically and emotionally broken through abuse. Many of them say that they are like zombies being dragged along by their addictions, but that they cannot help themselves. They also say that even though they know what they are doing is wrong, they don’t know how to get out and live a different life. There are many instances where we have been able to help the girls in different ways. Some have started working and are off the streets, others have had their relationships with their families restored, while some have even been rescued from death itself. There is much work to be done but there are just a few labourers. The  team that often goes out has a passion and a heart for the lost, and we are very thankful for all the effort they put into the work.



Testimony of Linda Parker

I would like to tell you just how God saved me from the jaws of hell! My real name is Linda, but as a prostitute my name was Lisa. So I was known as Lisa in Albany Grove where I worked as a ‘money maker’. I used to stay in a room at the bottom of a block of flats; this room had no lights, no water and was infested with rats. My Nigerian “boss” promised me that I would only stay there until month end and then we would move to a delux apartment. This never happened. I ended up staying there for a year and 6 months. During that year I was dependant on a wake -up drug which I would get every night before I went out. I was also pregnant at that time and took the drugs gladly oblivious to the well being of the baby. The Nigerian would get anxious if I refused the wake up and sometimes he would convince me to take it. At other times if I refused it he would stand on the street with me in case I wanted to run-way. I was very fortunate with this Nigerian because he never beat me like how other girls got beaten. I would steal and rob in order to stay in his good books and so he called me ‘money-maker’. There also came a time when I was “hallucinating”, or that is what I thought, because whenever I smoked I used to see a man standing in front of me. He would silently stand there with his arms folded over his chest. I couldn’t see his face, but only the silhouette. I was always afraid of this ghost, and even if there was a candle in the room I wouldn’t go in unless there was someone with me. I also used to hear it breathing and following me when I went on the street. This only happened if I smoked, but because I was so addicted, it was a must to smoke, I just had to do it. So one Sunday I decided not to go out so I bought myself sweets, candles and a newspaper. After reading a little, the candle dropped and burnt the whole room, including everything I owned. So I had to run away. I was left with the clothes on my back. Those Nigerians hated me; I had burned down their place of business. But God had other plans for my life and now I am safe in the arms of Jesus. When I came to Doctors for Life I had nothing, only the clothes I was wearing. They gave me clothes, food and a safe shelter. One day I was reading the bible and I read James 4:2. “You don’t have because you don’t ask”. I needed shoes for church and I prayed, at dinner a girl said that she had a parcel for me but she had left it behind. I was wondering what parcel it was. Toward evening she came to the room with the parcel and it had my name on it. When I opened it there was a brand new pair of shoes inside with my name on it. So God does answer prayer. I am also just so grateful that God has given me second chance!

Life Place

IMG_14071Prostitution is not a job which anyone deserves. Despite what many may tell you, it is not a job regardless of the physical location in which it occurs (street, brothel, massage parlor, car, private home, strip club, restaurant etc). Prostitution is inherently harmful to all those that cross its path, from the individual that is engaging in the act to the society as a whole.

Those involved in Prostitution are mostly recruited from the section of society that have suffered the most setbacks in life, including being deprived of their self-respect at an early age. Many are victims of sexual abuse in their family home or rape. To be able to cope with the memories of their past hurts and the harsh work they are involved in, many turn to alcohol and drugs.

The prostitute often ends up penniless, alone and either dead in a gutter from violent crime or in a hovel laying in a bed dying of an AIDS related illness. This is unless they get the help the need before it is too late. Life Place is about giving those that are trapped in the world of prostitution a lifeline to leave the business and at all it entails behind. This website will tell you all you need to know about prostitution, its harmful effects and what Doctors For Life has been doing to eradicate this practice. As well as what you can do to help us in our fight to save the men, women and children involved in prostitution.

If you are involved in any form of prostitution or know someone who is involved in prostitution, please let us help you

Helpline +27 (0) 79 046 4200 Telephone: +27 (0) 31 368 4938 Email:

LifePlace Outreaches:

Tuesdays and Fridays: Please do confirm before going, by phoning 032 481 5550

As the correlation between prostitution and the AIDS epidemic rise steadily, Doctors For Life International (DFL) has expanded its role to include the care of abused women in South Africa ’s red light district. Through Life Place , many women and children have been re-united with their relatives, have found respectable employment and are now progressing towards living new and productive lives.

One of Doctors For Life International’s key projects Operation Life Child, assists children who have been orphaned by AIDS.Operation Life Child has found that many of these children, in addition to the trauma of losing their parents, have been sexually abused, sadly most often by their own family members. This deadly combination coupled with their socio-economic status make orphans an easy target for further exploitation by the sex industry. DFL’s Life Place has rescued prostitutes as young 10 years old from the streets of Durban .

Prostitutes are often drawn into the profession due to their harsh economic status. South Africa is facing a 40% unemployment and a HIV/AIDS prevalence rate of 21.5%. This indicates that many families are loosing the main breadwinner to the virus and inadequate provisions of welfare lure many by the false promises of quick money.

DFL is committed to bringing the continual exploitation of vulnerable members of our society to a standstill. We plan to continue assisting men and women who want to leave the destructive and dehumanizing world of prostitution. However, public help and support is required to help turn the long list of necessary preventative measures into actions. Interested individuals and parties can partner with DFL by providing time, skills, financial support and other relevant resources that can be used to help the victims of the sex trade. Interested donors can visit the DFL website at and select “LifePlace” from the donation page to channel resources specifically towards the rehabilitation of prostitutes. DFL is registered as a non-profit organization and 100% of the proceeds are applied to the project. Correspondence is also welcomed and can be sent to

Life Place: Posts

“The sex industry lifestyle was getting worse and worse for me and I felt like I had no where to turn”-Shelley Lubben

LifePlace Team

Firstly we would like to thank everybody who has supported the LifePlace project in any way. As many of you may know, LifePlace in Durban has closed due to a conglomeration of various factors. In spite of this, the outreach


Concern about South Africa’s first all-black porn film (press release)

South Africa has produced its first all-black pornographic film, of which the producer stated the intention to help promote safe sex and combat HIV/AIDS. Mapona – which means naked in Sesotho – was made by members of a local amateur porn site. With South Africa being in many ways the epicenter of the HIV/AIDS epidemic, to try and sell this film as a way to combat HIV/AIDS by promoting condom use, is scientific humbug.

Numerous studies have shown that the nature of pornography entices people to be sexually active, and “act out” what they have seen in a film. The amount of ground lost by getting people sexually active can never be regained by the use of condoms. Pornographic addiction is also now well established in scientific circles as one of three natural addictions.

Trying to portray the producer as someone who cares for his workers because he encourages condom use is ironic, to say the least. In a study of these types of pornographic films, porn actors tell of girls crying behind the scenes and throwing up, because they can’t handle the hardcore acts they are being told to do. One actor, Jersey Jaxin spoke about “guys punching you in the face. You have semen from many guys all over your face, in your eyes. You get ripped, your inside can come out of you, and it’s never ending.”

Research has shown that 35% of strippers have Multiple Personality Disorder, 55%
have Borderline Personality Disorder, and 60% have had Major Depressive
Episodes. Among strippers, eating disorders are rampant and they are often
substance abusers. Most porn actors take drugs and they often act in porn films to
make money to pay for their habit. They also need to use sexual enhancement
drugs to do their job.

Doctors for Life International, represents more than 1600 medical doctors, specialists and professors of medicine. Since 1991 DFL has been actively promoting health care that is safe and efficient for all South Africans, and has made submissions to the Film and Publications Board regarding these issues.

Women’s rights groups’ slate at decriminalizing prostitution (press release)

The Women’s rights groups came together to denounce the government’s plan to decriminalize prostitution and allow sex workers to set up small businesses, challenging the administration’s stance by asking whether it wished to boost the sex trade industry or reduce it.

The MOI announced, its plan to decriminalize the sex trade and allow prostitutes to operate small-scale business brothels in proposed “sex zones.”

According to Wang Yue of the Garden of Hope Foundation, the MOI is leaning towards the one-woman brothel model of Hong Kong by trying to integrate sex work with public life, thus condoning the industry of sexual transactions. Wang described the government as ushering in the operations of the underworld, giving more opportunities to crime syndicates in the issue of human trafficking.

At the press conference centered on the theme “Coalition against Sexual Exploitation,” members of The Garden of Hope Foundation and the Taipei Women’s Rescue Foundation called for Executive Premier Yuan Wu to withdraw plans to completely decriminalize the sex trade.

Taipei Women’s Rescue Foundation director Kang Shu-hua described the government’s declaration as shirking management responsibilities from the central government to its local counterparts, a sign of the government making the sex trade a legitimate industry, thus jeopardizing the disadvantaged women by exposing them to the control of crime syndicates.

Women’s rights groups attended the conference were firmly against the legalization of the sex trade. Describing themselves as strong advocates in reducing the sex industry, their said, they were for the punishment of clients, who on top of being penalized should contribute “social monetary donations” to foundations for disadvantaged and sexually abused women.

Human Trafficking Conviction First for SA (press release)

The first conviction for a human trafficking offence in South Africa needs to be applauded. We congratulate the prosecutors of the National Prosecuting Authority and the investigating team of the South African Police Services for a job well done. It

Doctors Concerned about Promotion of Prostitution (press release)

Doctors for Life is concerned with the continuous marketing of prostitution by the media, and wonders if they won’t eventually wake up to having been complicit in human trafficking. According to international statistics, the majority of trafficking victims are females

Watching Porn is viewing Bruised, Drugged Prostitutes (press release)

The recent debate about a possible 24/7 porn channel on national television, with lack of strict and clear guidelines on pornography in South Africa is a matter of grave concern for Doctors For Life International (DFL) .A growing mountain of



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Doctors For Life Newsletter, Issue 8 – Dec. 2014

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Another Victory for DFL as Judge Denies Leave to Appeal in Porn Case

Judge Bozalek yesterday refused Online Digital Media permission to appeal his judgment handed down in the Western Cape High Court on 3 November 2014, in which he ruled that the license issued to ODM (the company which owns StarSat TV


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